My discovery of the Bullet Journal system – how it all started

I first discovered the Bullet Journal system in September 2016. I was just searching for some creativity and DIY on Pinterest and came across a Pin from LittleCoffeeFox. She really got me into the whole thing, the creativity and freedom of an analogue system in this digital age. I am definitely not a computer and app kinda girl (so this blog is going to be interesting…) and I was craving for something to pour my creative soul into.

I am one of those girls that love stationary and writing and notebooks. I used to have a notebook for every little thing that you can think of, but they were all separate notebooks. Whenever I thought of something, it always turned out I didn’t have the right notebook with me. This used to bother me to no end, basically leading to me not using the notebooks anymore because I never had them at hand when I needed them.

But when I stumbled across the Pin from LittleCoffeeFox, I got so excited! One notebook with an analogue system that can be customised to your own needs! How awesome?!

I literally was up until 2 o’clock in the morning looking up all sorts of things about the Bullet Journal and how to use it. I got so excited about this system because I felt I finally had a place to satisfy my craving for organisation and planning but at the same time, I could be creative about it in a way that would make me happy again. I was going through a tough time and I needed the positivity and creativity more than I would have thought.

“The analogue system for the digital age”

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to start a Bullet Journal is to look up the basics on the official website. Ryder Carroll explains it all in really easy steps. Once you got the fundamental building blocks, you can start adding your own spreads, collections, and maybe through in some art here and there. Whatever you fancy, you can add it to the Bullet Journal to make it your own.

This is exactly what I did when I first started. I investigated what the system was all about and how I could implement it in the simplest way. Only when I understood what the purpose of the system was, did I want to add to it and jazz it up a bit.

The first few months were trial and error. I switched notebooks after two months because I wasn’t satisfied with the rigidness of the squared Moleskin notebook I had initially bought (I will be doing a post about my experience with the Moleskin vs the Leuchtturm1917). That meant I could sort of start again after 2 months which was great because by then I had already tried out some things that worked, or didn’t work for me.

This is another thing that I love about the Bullet Journal: you can try something out and if it doesn’t work for you, just leave it be. In November I really wanted to work on my hand lettering and designed this page for it:

Lettering challenge November 2016

But, at the end of the month, it turned out I had set my goals too high and the spread hadn’t worked the way I wanted it to. Well, next month, I just didn’t use it! It’s that simple! I made sure I modified the page so that it did suit my needs:

Modified Lettering Challenge for December 2016

If it works, keep it, if it doesn’t, leave it behind and don’t look back or modify it so that it does work for you!

My next post will tell you more about the Bullet Journal system itself and how to construct your own.

2 thoughts on “My discovery of the Bullet Journal system – how it all started

  1. Merel says:

    Your discovery of the bullet journal system is quite similar to mine, though I just got way to excited about all the different spreads/collections/colours/drawings and whatnot. Conclusion; I stopped using my bullet journal, because it took me to long to use it and I didn’t see the point of it anymore.
    After a few months I did get back at it, though, and I bought a LT1917 to really get me going this time! I’m loving it, but now in a simpler way when it comes to the set up, while tracking more! It feels great to have it as a space for everything. I can plan in it, but also use it as a creative outlet!

    I’m looking forward to your next posts, seeing your spreads and getting inspired! 😀

    • thebluehummingbird says:

      It’s nice to hear that despite your first difficulties you got through them and started again! I am a HUGE LT1917 fan and that for me was also definitely what kept me going with the BuJo! They are such gorgeous notebooks and materials definitely make a difference in my opinion.
      I can also really relate to your enthusiasm for the spreads and creativity that can sometimes get in the way of the productivity of the Bullet Journal. That’s why I now also have a more simplified version of what I did before because I ran into the exact same problem as you!
      Thanks for your positive feedback and sweet comments! I hope can keep you inspired 😀

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