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Hi there! My name is Florentina and I am a Bullet Journal lover, creative soul, traveller at heart, and crazy cat lady.

I live in the Netherlands and we are great at building dykes (just a fun fact). I am 24 years old and a newlywed. After having met my husband through an online dating app and a whirlwind romance of just 3 months, we got engaged, eventually married, and now have four cats and are living the picket fence kind of life.

I believe in positivity, perseverance, and being proud of who you are no matter what your story is. The Bullet Journal system has really turned my world upside down. My life is more organised, more structured, and I now have an excellent excuse to keep on buying my favourite stationary, because hey, I need those new pens to decorate my BuJo and keep my creative juices flowing!

Through this blog, I hope to excite anyone who is new to bullet journaling to set up their own journal. I will give you tips and tricks on how to stick to your passion, your goals, and your dreams, through the organisation and productivity that can be achieved by using the Bullet Journal. I will show you, that you do NOT need to be a super busy mum, student, or working girl (or boy) to have a Bullet Journal that works for you. Even with a sober lifestyle and not so much to plan, a Bullet Journal can be a terrific tool to structure your (maybe quiet) days.

Secondly, I want to interact with other Bullet Journal lovers and stationary geeks to exchange stories, experiences and struggles about everyday life with the Bullet Journal. I want to contribute to this amazing community that has changed my life for the better.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and that it will help you to focus, get organised, and live a happier life!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or remarks: shoot me a message through Instagram or e-mail. Go to contact to fill out a message form and follow me on Instagram to stay connected and up to date on my adventures.