The Blue Hummingbird explained

When I first started to play around with the idea of starting a blog, I was really unsure about what kind of name to choose. Would I want to be precise and to the point with regards to what I was going to be writing about (bullet journaling and creativity)? Or would I choose something completely different?

Doing research on the internet didn’t seem to help either. I was getting conflicting advice from different bloggers on how to choose a (website) name. Some said to make sure to include your niche in your name, some said to choose something catchy which would stick with your target audience.

I started to brainstorm about my name once I had decided exactly what topics I wanted to write about. I created an overview with all my ideas and brain farts. Eventually, I ended up with the idea of a hummingbird.

Blogging brainstorm page in my Bullet Journal

According to Native American symbolism, the hummingbird stands for healing, focus, and positivity. It also represents wonder, beauty, progress and endurance. If you believe in the idea of a spirit animal, the hummingbird symbolises joy and lightness. As a spirit animal, anyone who represents the hummingbird is said to ignore and lift up negativity, express love more fully and deeply, and be resilient and flexible.

The bird itself is also capable of amazing things despite its small size. It can travel huge distances and it can even fly backwards! This wondrous bird will hover mid-air while their small wings flap about 50 times per second meaning they can fly at a speed exceeding 54 km/h (15 m/s).

Taking all of this into consideration and looking at my own life, I felt this little creature was an amazing mascot for my new adventure. I haven’t had an easy couple of years and when I was at my worst, the discovery of the Bullet Journal, gave me a purpose again. It gave me something to do and I found positivity and creativity during what was one of the darkest periods of my life.

The hummingbird thus not only symbolises my personal journey, but it also represents the very essence of the Bullet Journal. Perseverance, structure, and endurance. A way to go through life strongly and with purpose, but with a little wink and positivity.